Special Operations Speaks is proud to endorse the candidacy of Quang Nguyen for Arizona Legislative District 1. Quang fled South Vietnam at the height of the North Vietnamese invasion (the North aided and abetted by our US Democrat Congress). Coming to the US with little more that the clothes on his back, he grabbed the American brass ring, worked hard and achieved the American dream. He has become a successful businessman, an engaged American Citizen, and a rabid promoter of American exceptionalism. His daughter is a 3d year Midshipman at the US Naval Academy, Annapolis. While you are on his campaign website, listen especially to his address at a Freedom Rally in 2010. And while there, we ask you to donate to his campaign as well. If there was any time where supporting American constitutionalist candidates is critical, it is this year of 2020.
Special Operations Speaks (SOS) is a Political Action Committee (PAC) founded in May 2012 by three Special Ops retirees for the purpose of protecting and supporting the brotherhood to which they belong.