Greetings everyone in Prescott and Yavapai County, this is retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel and former Member of Congress Allen West. I still remember my time with y’all there back in 2017, and our family visited friends there for Christmas 2018. Yours is a stalwart constitutional conservative community and your voices are vital for the future of the State of Arizona. And that is why you need a State Representative like my friend Quang Nguyen speaking for you, standing for you. Quang’s story is what our great Nation is all about, personal triumph over tragedy. America is a land that says no matter where you are born, regardless of where you come from, here, in America, you can be a Victor…not a victim. Quang came here from Vietnam but in his heart, mind, and soul, Quang is the embodiment of the indomitable individual American spirit. Y’all need that story, that voice, and that personal testimony of personal achievement, to be your State Representative. If not, then the story of victimization, the story of economic dependency, the voices of subjugation to the preeminence of the government, the travesty of open borders will rise, sealing the fate of Arizona. If you want a true representative of Yavapai County Arizona, and America, please consider supporting Quang Nguyen. Quang realizes, as I pray you all do, free is not freedom…in the hands of those advocating equality of outcomes, it is bondage. And Quang escaped that once to come our shores where individual liberty and rights are supreme.

Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West
US Army, Retired
Member, 112th US Congress