Center for Arizona Policy endorses Republican Candidate Quang Nguyen for House of Representatives, Legislative District 1.
Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) is a nonprofit advocacy group whose mission is to promote and defend the foundational values of life, marriage and family, and religious freedom.

Center for Arizona Policy (CAP)

Greetings everyone in Prescott and Yavapai County, this is retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel and former Member of Congress Allen West. I still remember my time with y’all there back in 2017, and our family visited friends there for Christmas 2018. Yours is a stalwart constitutional conservative community and your voices are vital for the future of the State of Arizona. And that is why you need a State Representative like my friend Quang Nguyen speaking for you, standing for you. Quang’s story is what our great Nation is all about, personal triumph over tragedy. America is a land that says no matter where you are born, regardless of where you come from, here, in America, you can be a Victor…not a victim. Quang came here from Vietnam but in his heart, mind, and soul, Quang is the embodiment of the indomitable individual American spirit. Y’all need that story, that voice, and that personal testimony of personal achievement, to be your State Representative. If not, then the story of victimization, the story of economic dependency, the voices of subjugation to the preeminence of the government, the travesty of open borders will rise, sealing the fate of Arizona. If you want a true representative of Yavapai County Arizona, and America, please consider supporting Quang Nguyen. Quang realizes, as I pray you all do, free is not freedom…in the hands of those advocating equality of outcomes, it is bondage. And Quang escaped that once to come our shores where individual liberty and rights are supreme.

Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West
US Army, Retired
Member, 112th US Congress

LTC Allen West , US Army, Retired, & Member, 112th US Congress

Special Operations Speaks is proud to endorse the candidacy of Quang Nguyen for Arizona Legislative District 1. Quang fled South Vietnam at the height of the North Vietnamese invasion (the North aided and abetted by our US Democrat Congress). Coming to the US with little more that the clothes on his back, he grabbed the American brass ring, worked hard and achieved the American dream. He has become a successful businessman, an engaged American Citizen, and a rabid promoter of American exceptionalism. His daughter is a 3d year Midshipman at the US Naval Academy, Annapolis. While you are on his campaign website, listen especially to his address at a Freedom Rally in 2010. And while there, we ask you to donate to his campaign as well. If there was any time where supporting American constitutionalist candidates is critical, it is this year of 2020.
Special Operations Speaks (SOS) is a Political Action Committee (PAC) founded in May 2012 by three Special Ops retirees for the purpose of protecting and supporting the brotherhood to which they belong.

Special Operations Speaks , specialoperationsspeaks.com

Special Operations Speaks® and Vets in the Fight® are honored to endorse Quang Nguyen in his campaign for the Arizona House of Representatives, Legislative District-1.

We know Quang to be an honest, hard-working man with values shared by millions of like-minded patriots.  His story is the embodiment of the American dream; a young boy, torn from all he knew, transplanted to a foreign land halfway around the globe; a boy who never asked for anything but a chance to succeed.

And succeed he has!  Through hard work, engagement in the political arena, loyal to God, country and family, and a rock-solid belief in the concept of America, he has carved out an exemplary life for himself and his family.  This is a self-made man of integrity, honor, initiative and intellect.

Arizonans can do no better than to send Quang to the Arizona House of Representatives. We only wish he was here in North Carolina seeking to represent us!

Richard F. Brauer
Colonel, US Air Force Air Commando Retired

Kenneth J. Benway
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Special Forces Retired

David A. Miller
Sergeant First Class, US Army Special Forces Retired

Richard F. Brauer, Kenneth J. Benway, David A. Miller

September 8, 2019

In the 1960s, I was a young Infantry officer and served two tours of duty in Vietnam. One of my assignments in 1967 was as an Advisor to the Vietnamese Army and their training schools and Academies. The Military Academy ( Vietnam’s West Point) was in Dalat, Vietnam. Fifty years later, I had the opportunity to meet a young man from Dalat who had migrated to the United States and is now a US citizen.

His name is Quang Nguyen and is a resident of Arizona. This American Patriot is now running for a seat in the Arizona State House of Representatives in District 1. Quang and his family have worked very hard to assimilate into America, building a very successful business and raising a beautiful family. Their daughter is currently a Midshipman at the US Naval Academy, Class of 2021.

I am endorsing Quang’s candidacy for office and ask that you do the same. He deserves your full support. His story is one that we can all be proud of and his love for America.

Support Quang today.


Paul E. Vallely
MG, US Army Ret
Chairman –  Stand Up America Us Foundation

Paul E. Vallely , MG, US Army, Ret

Having met Quang on the campaign trail for the Arizona State House of Representatives was a pleasure to be speaking beside a fellow patriot and conservative Republican. Seeing him and the support of his wife Mai and his family has been inspirational.

As Quang and I attend the same church, I see he lives the values and spirituality our faith brings us and am confident he will protect these values.  As a fellow board member of the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association, the official State organization of the NRA since 1909, I see the passion and energy he brings to protecting our Second Amendment rights while coaching and preparing the next generation to step up and serve as well.

While I was not successful in the primary election, now it is my opportunity to support a fellow candidate in this race. It is up to us to safeguard our conservative principles at the State House. As such I throw my support to, and encourage you to vote for, Quang Nguyen for the Arizona State House for Legislative District 1!

Selina Bliss

Selina Bliss

As a career law enforcement officer, I’ve come in contact worth many kinds of people over my 32 years of service, both in NYC and here in Phoenix.

I had the random opportunity to meet Quang while attending the National Rifle Championship matches at Camp Perry, Ohio a few years back… 2015, I think. Quang was there to watch and support his Daughter Sarah shoot the National Trophy Individual Match (NTI) and I was Squadded to shoot with her on an adjacent firing point.

Sarah was a nervous junior rifleman, shooting by herself on that day. I saw her nervousness and I gave her advice to shoot her regular way, just as her coaches have taught her and disregard the other 1000 people there, if that’s possible.. I then gave her an NYPD uniform patch as a gift and I was pleased to see that she shot well and made the cut for a 10 point leg medal that day. Quite an accomplishment.

Quang and I kept in touch, exchanging occasionally emails. He was happy to show me a photo of his Daughter Sarah with her NYPD patch sewn onto her shooting coat, now that she’s a midshipman at Annapolis,
Much to the chagrin of her new coaches at the US Naval Academy.

As life throws everyone a multitude of curveballs, mine was a move from NY to Phoenix in 2017. Having kept in touch, Quang was still involved in AZ Junior Highpower Rifle shooting and he asked me to become a coach here, which I happily accepted.

Living here for two years now, I’ve gotten to know Quang on a more personal level. He’s first and foremost a great dad and family man. Generous to a fault but determined that his children become independent and responsible members of society.

Secondly Quang is a Patriot. A Vietnamese refugee, and proud American citizen, both he and his lovely wife Mai.

They escaped the fall of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam war, moved from on refugee camp to another until settling in California where he became a proud US Citizen.

Quang eventually relocated to AZ where he lives to this day, working hard and continues to raise and support his children.

He gives endlessly of his time to thank Veterans for his freedom and speaks often to veterans groups nationwide. Quang is the most vivid image I have of a grateful naturalized American citizen. I

Recently, Quang has decided to run for public office and I can’t think of a more suitable person for this. I’m sad that I cannot cast a vote for my friend Quang as he lives a couple of hours away from my voting district but I’d be proud to do so. I’ve learned over the past few years that Quang is


Quang understands the meaning of trust and I’m hopeful that his neighbors understand that too and vote for my friend. He’d be a wonderful asset to the AZ State Legislature.

Ken Russo , Detective Sergeant, NYPD (Retired)

I have known Quang for almost a decade and first met him as a new parent in the State Association Junior High Power Rifle Team coaching his daughter and getting her involved in the world of hard work, team effort, and winning.

Over the years I gained so much respect for this man as a loving husband, a wonderful father, and a person that really cares about other people.

As I have been in leadership and in sales management for decades, I know quickly what a good leader is.  Knowing what Quang was capable of accomplishing, I appointed him to head up our Nationally recognized Junior High Power Rifle Team Program.

Observing Quang managing this complex and challenging program consisting of teenagers and parents year after year has led me to recognize Quang as the consummate natural leader, acting without hesitation and drawing from his great character and life experience.  He makes thoughtful decisions and stands by them, setting a fine example for the young adults and future leaders of our Country to learn from.

In dealing with him on many other projects I can honestly say I have never seen a selfish bone in his body.  He is always stepping up to help and never has run away from work.

Quang really does set a fine example of what we need more of in our Country today.  I wish him and his family the very best in their endeavors.

Noble Hathaway , President, Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association

I have known Quang Nguyen for ten years.  During that time I have become a personal friend with him and his wonderful family.  A most talented man, and a man dedicated to Our Great Nation, his community and yes, his loving family.  I mention family over and over because the Nguyens area ALL doers and achievers.  Much of this is owing to Quang’s remarkable Conservative leadership abilities.  He has worked very hard for everything he has, as has his famiy.  He is firm, fair and yet very caring.  These qualities are something missing in all too many of today’s “politicians” and while Quang will make a superb representative of the People, I know he will never become “just another politician”!  I recommend him with enthusiasm and without reservation of any sort.

Wayne V. Morris
Col USMC (Ret)

Wayne V. Morris  , Col USMC (Ret)

With great pleasure and enthusiasm, I endorse Quang Nguyen for the position of State Representative – District No. 1. I have known Quang for past 10 years, and I find him to be a very motivated, Innovative and a hardworking individual. He is a very sincere person who gives his full efforts to the work he takes up and the commitment he shows is amazing and inspiring for others. Quang is self-motivated and carries a will to enforce his thoughts into action. Quang’s desire to work for Arizona along with his great vision and drive make him a perfect candidate for State Representative LD-1.


D. Randy Jackovich
President – CMS Contracting

D. Randy Jackovich , President - CMS Contracting

Quang (“Q”) Nguyen is a patriotic citizen who fully understands the concept of stepping up to help his fellow citizens. I ENTHUSIASTICALLY endorse him for the Arizona House of Representatives in Legislative District 1.

I have NO DOUBT that “Q” will work tirelessly for ALL constituents, make sound decisions, and serve honorably. I am very proud to call him my friend.

Semper Fi,

Mike Pedersen
Major USMC (Retired)

Mike Pedersen , Major USMC (Retired)

I consider Quang Nguyen a good friend and patriot, who is a living example of the American dream. Coming to this nation as a Vietnam war refugee, becoming a American citizen in 1983, seeing first hand the opportunities the American dream and way of life allow for all who work hard, I can think of no better person to represent Arizona’s legislative District 1 in the State House of Representatives.

Quang has not only raised a beautiful patriotic family including a member of our military attending one of our Nations Service Academies, but has given back to the community with a focus on youth involvement as a Big Brother and State Director of a junior high powered rifle team recognized nationally.

Quang is also a staunch supporter of our Second Amendment rights as a fellow NRA member and board member of the Arizona state rifle & pistol association. His passion through the atrocities he’s seen with his own eyes, is to speak nationally to thank our never forgotten Vietnam war Veterans and the sacrifice they have and continue to make.

Therefore, as a 28 year Law Enforcement professional who was involved and responded to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the September 11th response and recovery for almost a year, and the 2007 Fort Dix Terror it investigation, I fully endorse Quang Nguyen’s candidacy for the Arizona House of Representatives Legislative District 1 (LD.1), and encourage all patriotic conservative minded residents of the Prescott area to do the same.

Rob O’Donnell
NYPD Detective, Retired
Nationally Syndicated Conservative Contributor

Rob O’Donnell , NYPD Detective, Retired

Having served honorably in the United States Marine Corps, and later as a Mayor for the city of Xenia, Ohio.  Without reservation I fully support this great man as he seeks to represent the people of District 1 in Arizona.

Coming to the United States as child from the Vietnam war, he proudly became an citizen, has contributed in many ways, and has always done well. I know that he is a man who puts family, friends and community first, this you can take to the bank.

I am very proud to call Quang a friend, and a fellow American who wants to give back by serving…  I ask that you vote for this Patriot, you will never regret it.

Major John Saraga
USMC, Ret.
Mayor, City of Xenia, Ohio 1998-2005

John Saraga , MSNC, Ret.
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