Special Operations Speaks® and Vets in the Fight® are honored to endorse Quang Nguyen in his campaign for the Arizona House of Representatives, Legislative District-1.

We know Quang to be an honest, hard-working man with values shared by millions of like-minded patriots.  His story is the embodiment of the American dream; a young boy, torn from all he knew, transplanted to a foreign land halfway around the globe; a boy who never asked for anything but a chance to succeed.

And succeed he has!  Through hard work, engagement in the political arena, loyal to God, country and family, and a rock-solid belief in the concept of America, he has carved out an exemplary life for himself and his family.  This is a self-made man of integrity, honor, initiative and intellect.

Arizonans can do no better than to send Quang to the Arizona House of Representatives. We only wish he was here in North Carolina seeking to represent us!

Richard F. Brauer
Colonel, US Air Force Air Commando Retired

Kenneth J. Benway
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Special Forces Retired

David A. Miller
Sergeant First Class, US Army Special Forces Retired