As a career law enforcement officer, I’ve come in contact worth many kinds of people over my 32 years of service, both in NYC and here in Phoenix.

I had the random opportunity to meet Quang while attending the National Rifle Championship matches at Camp Perry, Ohio a few years back… 2015, I think. Quang was there to watch and support his Daughter Sarah shoot the National Trophy Individual Match (NTI) and I was Squadded to shoot with her on an adjacent firing point.

Sarah was a nervous junior rifleman, shooting by herself on that day. I saw her nervousness and I gave her advice to shoot her regular way, just as her coaches have taught her and disregard the other 1000 people there, if that’s possible.. I then gave her an NYPD uniform patch as a gift and I was pleased to see that she shot well and made the cut for a 10 point leg medal that day. Quite an accomplishment.

Quang and I kept in touch, exchanging occasionally emails. He was happy to show me a photo of his Daughter Sarah with her NYPD patch sewn onto her shooting coat, now that she’s a midshipman at Annapolis,
Much to the chagrin of her new coaches at the US Naval Academy.

As life throws everyone a multitude of curveballs, mine was a move from NY to Phoenix in 2017. Having kept in touch, Quang was still involved in AZ Junior Highpower Rifle shooting and he asked me to become a coach here, which I happily accepted.

Living here for two years now, I’ve gotten to know Quang on a more personal level. He’s first and foremost a great dad and family man. Generous to a fault but determined that his children become independent and responsible members of society.

Secondly Quang is a Patriot. A Vietnamese refugee, and proud American citizen, both he and his lovely wife Mai.

They escaped the fall of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam war, moved from on refugee camp to another until settling in California where he became a proud US Citizen.

Quang eventually relocated to AZ where he lives to this day, working hard and continues to raise and support his children.

He gives endlessly of his time to thank Veterans for his freedom and speaks often to veterans groups nationwide. Quang is the most vivid image I have of a grateful naturalized American citizen. I

Recently, Quang has decided to run for public office and I can’t think of a more suitable person for this. I’m sad that I cannot cast a vote for my friend Quang as he lives a couple of hours away from my voting district but I’d be proud to do so. I’ve learned over the past few years that Quang is


Quang understands the meaning of trust and I’m hopeful that his neighbors understand that too and vote for my friend. He’d be a wonderful asset to the AZ State Legislature.