I have known Quang for almost a decade and first met him as a new parent in the State Association Junior High Power Rifle Team coaching his daughter and getting her involved in the world of hard work, team effort, and winning.

Over the years I gained so much respect for this man as a loving husband, a wonderful father, and a person that really cares about other people.

As I have been in leadership and in sales management for decades, I know quickly what a good leader is.  Knowing what Quang was capable of accomplishing, I appointed him to head up our Nationally recognized Junior High Power Rifle Team Program.

Observing Quang managing this complex and challenging program consisting of teenagers and parents year after year has led me to recognize Quang as the consummate natural leader, acting without hesitation and drawing from his great character and life experience.  He makes thoughtful decisions and stands by them, setting a fine example for the young adults and future leaders of our Country to learn from.

In dealing with him on many other projects I can honestly say I have never seen a selfish bone in his body.  He is always stepping up to help and never has run away from work.

Quang really does set a fine example of what we need more of in our Country today.  I wish him and his family the very best in their endeavors.