I have listened, met with and followed Quang Nguyen’s years of efforts to support veterans in our community, county, state and beyond. His story of struggle to flee the oppressive communist government of Vietnam, legally immigrate to the United States and become a naturalized citizen is truly inspirational.  And speaking as a U.S. Army Vietnam combat infantry veteran who literally fought for his and others freedom from communist domination, I know how deeply important and unshakable his beliefs in our God given constitutional rights are.  His commitment to our Bill of Rights and particularly the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms will protect from the growing pressure in the Arizona legislature to incrementally infringe on those rights. Quang is a real conservative in that he believes in limited government; low regulation; individual responsibility; a strong supported and accountable public safety sector and traditional values. We need State Representatives that not only talk those values but have lived them and demonstrated their commitment to them as well. His small business experience, understanding of protecting our natural resources while maintaining our rural culture and quality of life make him uniquely qualified to represent us in the Arizona State House for Legislative District 1. Quang Nguyen has my full endorsement and I urge you vote for him on August 4th in the primary and elect him on November 3rd.