I’m honored to have received an endorsement from a sitting House of Representative LD-1 and Vietnam Veteran, Noel Campbell. I’m grateful for your trust, Sir.

As I leave office, it is important to know our new State Representative has the integrity to represent our interests and not be swayed by the crowd in Phoenix. That’s why I’m supporting Quang Nguyen. I believe he will best represent all the citizens of LD-1.

Growing up in a country with none of our privileges, and later as a Vietnamese war refugee, forged Quang’s conservative values and a love of our great Nation. His life became the true American dream: now with a beautiful family, and one daughter presently serving at the Naval Academy.

Quang’s unwavering belief in our Constitution and rule of law will allow him to “take the hard votes” at the Capitol. We need someone who just isn’t going to listen to lobbyists. Quang is that man.

State Representative Noel Campbell, LD-1